• To make everything work correctly

    A house is almost like a machine. There are hundreds of installations and mechanisms - some simple, other complex - that have to be reliable, with a minimum of breakdowns and simple, inexpensive maintenance.

    An example: plumbing.
    In Nuevo Mundo we install cold and hot water pipes made from a special material that reduces corrosion to the minimum. Also, we use less joints, therefore reducing the risky spots for breakdowns.
  • To live in peace

    Security is a must when you have to choose your home. Architects in Nuevo Mundo plan everything related to security, both in common and private areas of each home, for complete satisfaction.

    An example: doors.
    Main door are secured with steel. The frame is anchored to side walls, but also to the floor and the ceiling
  • To endure

    We want our homes to be resistant throughout time. From the roof to the wooden floors. That is why we choose noble materials that stand out for their resistance. Sometimes we even give them an extra protection with specific products

    An example: facades.
    The bricks we use are made with the best clays, heated at the highest temperatures. This will guarantee endurance for many years, looking the same as they do today
  • To be practical and flexible

    There has to be enough room to keep everything in place. There must be easy to dry the clothes, easy to park the car, to connect the TV, satellite, internet and phone in every room... We have to be practical.

    An example: built-in cupboards.
    Perfectly finished, furnished and equipped. Located for the best distribution of space.
  • To be comfortable

    Temperature, light, , soundproof, space... In Nuevo Mundo we design and equip our homes taking care of every detail to guarantee their inhabitants quality of life.

    An example: glass.
    Double glass windows with a reflective treatment that reduces solar radiation, therefore making air conditioning more effective.
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